Rebirthing & Family Constellations

Powerful transformational healing for a new way of being

Through rebirthing breathwork and Family Systemic Constellations therapy, I offer sessions that are hands-on, deeply engaging and healing experiences that provide powerful ways to re-pattern trauma, fears and negative energy stored in your body.

About Reina Lister

Rebirthing Breathwork & Family Constellations Practitioner

Qualifying as a rebirthing practitioner in 1990, I trained with Catherine Gundry, Binnie Dansby, Gilly and David Montgomery. From professional and also personal experience, I believe Rebirthing can allow us to feel supported on many significant levels, including experiencing a greater sense of safety in the world. It assisted me in letting go of a sizeable dose of self-hatred. I am also passionate about Family Constellations in which I qualified in 2013 with the Centre for Systemic Constellations, which is a healing and/or therapy modality that works effectively in bringing a sense of flow and alignment to our lives both by itself and in combination with rebirthing.

During my time as a rebirthing breathwork and Family Constellations practitioner, I have also participated in voluntary mediation in prisons to facilitate authentic communication and dialogue, in addition to teaching English as a Second Language. In my personal life, being a Jew is a significant part of my identity. I am also the mother of a grown-up son with whom I recently trekked in the Himalayan foothills of Sikkim. I enjoy spending time outdoors and am strengthened by nature, where I feel connected to the Earth and the energy all around us.

Your Breath, Your Power

Rebirthing breathwork is an extraordinary way to cleanse the body, clear negative beliefs and change your life. If you are looking to find a sense of inner peace and oneness, rebirthing is a very powerful tool that can be used to transform negative attachments, gently release trapped emotions and push through emotional blocks in a safe and holistic way.

One-to-One Sessions

 In one-to-one in-person sessions, I hold a safe and non-judgmental environment that can allow you to go deeply wherever your breath takes you.  It can sometimes be into a felt sense of suffering – and your inner knowing; your breath; together with my presence; and our relatedness – will get you through that.

Sometimes, paradoxically, a strong experience of joy and expanded aliveness can be challenging – and again – the same factors will support you in integrating this. So, whether you come to rebirthing with trauma issues or for self-development, you will receive support to breathe through whatever arises.

Rebirthing Breathwork

Rebirthing breathwork is a multi-dimensional technique that provides healing both mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally and psychologically. Within our sessions, we will utilise the healing power of the breath in a circular method to expose inhibitions and patterns of defence, connecting to the source of strength inside of you to realise and release issues that are holding you back.

Clarity & Stillness

Rebirthing breathwork allows you to access the calmness and clarity of the present moment. It is an easy and powerful way to experience deep self-love and connection to inner peace. It allows you to look at your deepest fears and feel into your hearts deepest desires without judgement or getting stuck in old habits, stories or roles.

Before we can move forward and heal, we have to be willing to go back. By working with the many dimensions of the breath at a deep level, rebirthing breathwork can help all of the systems in our body to recalibrate and restore for a feeling of total balance and transformative healing. Breathwork is one of the most potent ways to connect body and mind. 

Healing Generational Trauma

In my Systemic Family Constellations sessions, I will help you to become aware of the patterns that keep you stuck and unable to move forward in your life. By working with the patterns and repeating themes of your family dynamics throughout your ancestral line, you will be able to cut through any negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, destructive behaviours or beliefs that simply no longer serve you.

Family Constellations

Family Constellations sessions enable us to identify and address generational trauma, helping you to break out of familial patterns that cause ongoing suffering and achieve a sense of balance within your life.

I offer Family Constellations both online and in-person for one-to-one sessions.

Your Ancestral Line

Focusing on the intergenerational transmission of trauma, the Family Constellations modality identifies that traumatic events can echo throughout time, manifesting in later generations through chronic illness, mental health issues, anger and unfulfilled relationships.

Within a session of Family Constellations, individuals are positioned within the room as stand-ins for family members, with relationships drawn to one another to represent the family dynamics and network.

This approach can assist in identifying patterns of negative emotions, destructive behaviours and oppression, which individuals may unconsciously adopt.

Find Inner Balance

Within one-to-one sessions, we use objects to work experientially in identifying the nature of your difficulties, and the patterns of suffering within your family network.

By uncovering these hidden patterns, Family Constellation Therapy can help you to find alignment at mental, emotional, spiritual and physical levels, enabling you to experience a sense of balance within your life and break free from any patterns of past conditioning that continue to affect your present.

This modality can be especially healing for people who are seeking to address negative relationship patterns, resolve family entanglements or overcome inner turmoil, or those who have experienced significant trauma or loss within their life, or in previous generations.

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